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Men's Embroyded Hi Vis T-Shirts


Shine Bright with Men's Hi-Vis T-Shirts

Discover the Best in Men's Hi Vis Polo Shirts at Embroidery Express

Essential Safety and Durability for Professionals

Embroidery Express offers a comprehensive selection of Men's Hi Vis Polo Shirts, designed to meet the safety requirements of various professional environments. Our shirts, including the Portwest Hi-Vis Short Sleeve Polo and the Yoko Hi-Vis Polo, are crafted with high-quality, reflective materials that ensure visibility in low light conditions, crucial for safety in construction, roadwork, and other industrial settings.

High-Quality Brands You Can Trust

We stock only the best in durable workwear, featuring leading brands known for their commitment to safety and quality. The Regatta Hi-Vis Pro Polo is favored for its advanced moisture-wicking fabric that keeps you dry and comfortable, while the Result Hi-Vis Polo provides robust construction with breathable materials, making it ideal for daily wear in demanding conditions.

Customizable for Enhanced Visibility

Customize your hi vis polo to feature your company logo or safety slogans through our professional embroidery and printing services. The Kustom Kit Hi Vis Polo offers a fantastic base for customization, combining style with practical safety features. Customized hi vis polo shirts not only increase your visibility but also strengthen your brand identity on the job site.

Designed for Comfort and Function

Understanding the rigorous demands of work environments, our Men's Hi Vis Polo Shirts are designed for both comfort and functionality. Shirts like the Uneek Hi Vis Polo feature soft, yet durable fabrics that allow for easy movement and are gentle on the skin, ensuring comfort throughout the workday.

Wide Range of Options to Suit Your Needs

Our selection caters to various professional and safety needs with options in fluorescent yellows, oranges, and other bright colors that meet the latest safety standards. Each shirt, such as the Portwest Hi-Vis Short Sleeve Polo, is available in multiple sizes from S to 5XL, ensuring a perfect fit for all body types.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Choices

For those looking to make environmentally responsible purchases, we offer eco-friendly options like the SOL's Organic Hi Vis Polo, made from sustainable materials that reduce environmental impact without compromising on visibility and safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What are the washing instructions for these polo shirts?

A1: The Yoko Hi-Vis Short Sleeve Polo Shirt and others in our range should be washed according to the specific care instructions provided, usually involving a mild cycle with similar colors.

Q2: Do you offer women's sizes in hi vis polo shirts?

A2: Yes, we offer unisex options like the PRO RTX High Visibility Polo Shirt, suitable for both men and women.

Q3: Can these shirts be worn for outdoor sports?

A3: Absolutely, shirts like the Dickies High Visibility Safety Polo Shirt are perfect for outdoor activities requiring high visibility.

Q4: What certifications do these polo shirts have?

A4: Our products, including the Portwest Hi-Vis Polo Shirt, comply with relevant safety standards such as ISO 20471.

Q5: How can I ensure the reflective properties last?

A5: Avoid using bleach and fabric softeners on items like the Result Safe-Guard High Visibility Safety Polo Shirt to maintain the integrity of the reflective materials.

Q6: Are bulk discounts available?

A6: Yes, we offer bulk pricing options, particularly beneficial when ordering items like the Uneek Hi-Viz Safety Polo Shirt for your entire team.

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Don't compromise on safety or style. Check out our Men's Hi Vis Polo Shirts at Embroidery Express, and customize your order today. Whether you're upgrading your workwear or outfitting a team, our shirts are designed to keep you visible and safe. Shop now and benefit from our expert customization services!